About Us

Company Name :

 Fukuju Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Board Of Director :

 Mr.Yutaka Takagi    ( Chief Executive Officer )

 Mr.Hiroyoshi  Nakahigashi    ( Executive Director )

 Mr.Seiji  Iwata    ( President )

Foundation :

 09 May 2013 

Business Description :


Area :

 Total Area: 17,600 square meters building: 5,200㎡

Company Address :

 300/140 Moo 1,Soi E9 Eastern Seaboard Industrial  Estate T.Tasit , A.Pluakdaeng  Rayong 21140   
 Tel.033-109 555 / 038-950 555-6  
Fax.033-109 566 / 038-950 566

Headquarters in Japan : 

 4005 Nishioguma , Oguma Cho, Hashima City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan 
 Tel (058)392-2111 Fax (058)392-8723

Website : 


Capital :

 230 Million Baht

Employee :

 140 People (As of January, 2023)

History :

 ( February, 2014 ) , Factory Operation

 ( April, 2014 ) , Production start

 ( 13 Jun 2014 ) , First Shipment of HEAD SUPPLY PUMP to Siam DENSO  Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

 ( 03 May 2016 ) , First Shipment Of WIRE RING  to Pacific Industries ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd

Address: Jiangnan Road East Industrial Park, Guancheng District, Dongguan City, Hiroshima Eastern Province, east longevity auto parts (Dongguan)    Co., Ltd.
Rotor housing:  
Variable cam timing (VCT) system is depending on the operating conditions of the  engine, changing the opening and closing timing  of the valve parts. The operation of this  part, if the poor precision, operation of the engine is deteriorated, or big vibration, because the fuel consumption is or has become worse, you will be prompted to high precision. 

                Material is that the aluminum, thermal displacement and, while paying attention tobuilt-up edge, constitute a hand treatment line of the NC lathe   MC, by visual inspection personnel, and  a strict check of the total number, to our customers, has been accept it you.

Associated Company

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Fuji Industrial Seeds Group                                フジ・インダストリアル・シーズ・グループ(不二精工株式会社・不二商事株式会社) 

不二精工株式会社                                          ビードワイヤ製造(事業場 本社工場、宮崎工場、白川工場、亀山工場)

不二商事株式会社                                            鋼線加工、鋼材販売、機械設計 製作 日本興亜火災保険代理店



  • CEOYutaka Takagi We have been always making efforts on creating original technology through our flexible framework. We have been always trying to satisfy our clients by creating...

  • Managementpolicy ofFukuju Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. As a manufacturing enterprise based in Asia, we will gratify our clients by providing productions of high quality and high...

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